In this interview, Sonny goes to visit Soul Rebel Cycles in Cape Coral, Florida on Momma Badger’s motorcycle to get her a new back tire.

Meet Eric and Chad, owners of this local motorcycle shop. We call them the “Soul Rebel Boys”.

Soul Rebel Cycles
1304 SE 10th St,
Cape Coral, FL 33990
(239) 673-7796
Support Bikers Link

Started in 2011. They built choppers for fun. Started doing work in the garage for people. Decided to make it official and get a location.

Chad has a couple of bikes he tells you about.. oh and an old… you just got to watch the video.

Eric has an FXR that is currently getting motor rebuilt.

Check out this cool local motorcycle shop to see what they sell and what services they provide!!

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  1. Jessie Sansing

    Love them! They’re always there when I need them.