Donate to Wrecked Rider Fund

Your donations help bikers who have been involved in a motorcycle accident and need immediate funds for housing, utilities and necessities. We have provided multiple ways to donate to Wrecked Rider Fund.

To donate to Wrecked Rider Fund you can:

  • Become a Support Bikers Member
  • One Time Donation
  • Purchase Merchandise
  • Business Sponsor

Ways to Donate to Wrecked Rider Fund




Yes, even $1 Dollar makes a difference. It all adds up.



Become a Support Bikers “MEMBER” with a recurring
donation of $10 or more.


  • Eligible to apply for the Wrecked Rider Fund (USA ONLY)
  • Members get free access to moto meetups and rides;
  • Receive a free Support Bikers Sticker;
  • Member Discount Code for all Merchandise purchases like shirts, hats, patches, bells, banners, etc.; and
  • Free Personalized Profile Photo for Social Media. Provide your photo for us to add. See image example.
support bikers member

We’ll make you a profile pic for social media 


Any profit goes directly to the National Wrecked Rider Fund.

Members: Check your email for the member code for a discount.

*Members make a recurring donation

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Over the past couple of years we’ve been asked by many businesses how they can support our cause. Finally, we have a way to do that. We took 222 support requests in 2023 and determined the need is for immediate money to go towards living expenses. The injured is typically out of work without pay and unable to make a house payment, pay a utilities bill or buy food. Because of this, with your support we can make sure they get money to pay for those immediate needs. We will determine what the need is and make sure it goes towards that need.

For simplicity, we have created 2 types of sponsorships. One is to donate to 3 motorcyclists a year and the other is to donate to 12 motorcyclists a year. If neither one of these sponsorships work for your business, please let us know. We are open to seeing what works best for your business and Support Bikers. Here is a link to our calendar. Please set a time to do a video chat to discuss.