About The Badgers and how they turned a simple idea into a massive online biker community.

Support Bikers was built for bikers by bikers, Sonny “The Badger” and Angie “Momma Badger.” People refer to the couple as  “The Badgers.” Most know them from their Facebook Page The Badgers and The Biker Lifestyle.

About The Badgers Support Bikers Journey

SupportBikers.com came about in 2020 and was officially launched May 1, 2020 when the Covid Pandemic was beginning to impact local biker businesses. It all started with them creating this website for bikers to find other biker owned businesses. Businesses could create a free listing and motorcyclists could find those businesses to patronize.  Upon designing it, Angie thought it would be a great way for bikers to find other bikers on the map as well.  Being motorcycle content creators themselves, there was not a way to find other creators; therefore, she added a “Motovlogger” category. With the help of their fans aka Badger Nation, fellow Motovloggers and the Support Bikers Crew the word got out.

Riding Motorcycles Became a Full Time Job

August 1, 2020, they created a Facebook Group called “Support Bikers” where bikers could network with each other. It exploded. Surprisingly, the website and the group where truly what bikers needed. On October 1, 2020, the Badgers decided to ride motorcycles full time and put all their efforts into Support Bikers. A business plan was created and because they partnered with Badger Nation Sponsors you have what you see today.

Not Just Nationwide Anymore

It was in 2021 when they realized there was a need to support bikers on a state level and not just nationwide. Supporters were posting events, questions, tips, tricks, routes, destinations, and more related to their area. Consequently, the launching of the first Facebook ™ Group community was in Florida on October 20, 2021. Since then, they have slowly been rolling out more communities. The goal is to make sure each community is thriving before creating a new one. Eventually, there will be a community in each state. You can find a list of communities here State Community List. Now bikers can network with others in their own state.

Wrecked Riders Fund was Born

The need to provide financial support to wrecked riders became apparent in 2023. Out of all the support requests they received over the years, they realized there will never be enough support for victims of a motorcycle accident. It was February 2024 when they announced they were a not-for-profit  and began steps to take donations. Learn about the  “Wrecked Rider Fund.”

About the Badgers

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On just this one Facebook™ Page, they have over 200,000 followers and reach anywhere between 3M and 12M bikers monthly. 

We currently have over 10,000 subscribers and over 2.11 Million views on YouTube.

  • Sonny does a daily YouTube vlog. You literally get to see what we do every day of the year.
  • How-to videos for those that ride a Harley Davidson Fatboy located in his “Fatboy Friday Series” playlist.
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The Badgers are known for the creation of the following events.
One being setting a Guinness World Record