Support Bikers Community

The Support Bikers Website was built to support all bikers Worldwide.

But, for those that want to support their local biker community, The Badgers have broken it up into areas and are calling it a “Support Bikers Community.”

A Support Bikers Community is made up of Businesses and Individuals in a certain area that want to support the local community. They support the community by creating awareness, getting volunteers, raising money and attending events.

Choose a Community Near You-

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Support Bikers is a website that helps all bikers Internationally and you can CLICK HERE to sign up to Volunteer and CLICK HERE to get support.

Don’t see your local community, stay tuned. If you would like to start a local community CLICK HERE.

What is a Support Bikers Community?

A community is made up of businesses and individuals who want to support their local community.

The community will let bikers, their friends and their families know about the Support Bikers website.

Volunteers sign up to help out fellow bikers in their area.

Events are attended.

Funds are raised to support the bikers in need.


There are many ways to volunteer.

Ways to Volunteer #1 - SPREAD THE WORD

Spread the word about in person and on social media. If you hear someone say they need support, mention See a post on social media of someone needing support, comment “”.

Ways to Volunteer #2 - GET ON THE MAP

Get on the Map” at A checklist is provided to check off what support you can provide.

  • Attend Events
  • Deliver Gas
  • Deliver Medical Equipment
  • Deliver Parts
  • Emergency Repair
  • Jump Start
  • Fundraise
  • Haul Motorcycle
  • Lawn Mowing
  • Shopping
  • Storage
  • Tools
  • Other ways
Ways to Volunteer #3 - GET NOTIFICATIONS

Volunteers sign up to be texted or emailed when a biker needs support. A special sign up link is given to each community.

Ways to Volunteer #4 - JOIN OUR FACEBOOK GROUP

Join our Facebook Groups

Support BikersĀ  CLICK HERE and The Badgers and The Biker Lifestyle CLICK HERE

Follow our Facebook Page

Support Bikers

The Badgers and The Biker Lifestyle

Ways to Volunteer #5 - USE #SUPPORTBIKERS

Use #SupportBikers on Social Media in your posts to create awareness.

Ways to Volunteer #6 - LIST YOUR BUSINESS

If you own a business, let us know what it is you do. We would like to use your services or products and help support you. Simply “Get on the Map” and list your business for free.


Events are attended to let the community know they can go to

Events can be many different things. Rallies, dinners, networking events, club/groups meetings.


Several different ways to raise funds for bikers who need it.

  • Fundraising Events
  • Sponsors
  • Sharing fundraisers for events and online crowdfunding like GoFundMeĀ®


Florida is the only community at this time. Should we decide to create another community, we would be happy to reach out to you.

I'm interested in starting a Support Bikers Community