How do I get on the map?

Please watch this short video.

On the menu bar click “Get On The Map.” Fill out the form. Once submitted, your listing will be reviewed. You will recive an email letting you know your listing has been published.

Can I put a friend's business listing on here?

No. But you can refer the business CLICK HERE and fill out this quick form with their information. Or share this website with them.

I just put a listing on 3 days ago. Why can't I find myself on the map?

If you put your listing on the map within the last 3 days, your listing may have not been approved yet. Why? We review each listing as they come in. Due to the volume of listings, it is taking us longer. Why are we reviewing your listing first? We want to make sure the wording is spelled correct, the images look good, and the entire website looks amazing. Thank you for your patience. Check your email as we will notify you when your listing is live and ready to review. 

I put my listing on a long time ago. Why can't I find myself on the map?

CLICK HERE and search for yourself. If you still cannot find yourself, CONTACT US.

Otherwise, if you are looking on the map on the home page, only the most recent 150 listings are showing.