The Wrecked Rider Fund was created to give $200 to an individual involved in a motorcycle accident.

A big thank you to the Support Bikers Community! They are the ones who have donated to the Wrecked Rider Fund making this all possible.

If you know a biker who has been involved in a motorcycle accident and needs money to go towards their current living expenses like housing or utilities, please share this page with them to learn about the Wrecked Rider Fund.

Wrecked Rider Fund Motorcycle Accidents

“Because shit happens!”

“Unfortunately, we all know someone whose been in an accident or been in an accident ourselves.”

Badger Nation Angie and Sonny

A fund is a pool of money that is allocated for a specific purpose.

Since 2020, we have been helping bikers and the majority of those support requests were to help after an accident. Unfortunately, we found many bikers needed money to pay for living expenses while they were in the hospital and during the time they were unable to work. We knew Badger Nation wanted to help support, but didn’t know how.

The Wrecked Rider Fund is one way we, the biker community, can help out.

Sonny and Angie
Founders, Support Bikers


This fund was launched in February 1, 2024. Once we have raised enough money from donations, we will begin allowing the public to “apply” to receive their $200 check. Until then, we are giving you a sneak peak at what the qualifications are in order to be a beneficiary. Note: This is not the application and applicants must provide all the required credentials in the application in order to qualify. Those qualifications may change as we deem fit.

  1. You must be a member of one of our free Support Bikers Community Facebook™ Groups for a minimum of 45 days;
  2. Accident has to have happened within 30 days of the application date;
  3. Accident occurred in an official Support Bikers State (list of official states) or accident victim must be a current Individual Sponsor of Support Bikers at the time of accident;
  4. Must show proof of the accident;
  5. Requesting party must be the person injuried or someone who is handling the finances for the injured;
  6. Can be an individual accident without other parties involved;
  7. Must have a consultation with an attorney and provide their contact information;
  8. Insurance Auto/Health not required. Insurance doesn’t always cover immediate bills like housing and utilities;
  9. Does not matter brand/type of motorcycle, a riders sex, religion, or ethnic background; and
  10. Can only be a beneficiary once.



To be provided once enough donations have been made.