Sonny talks about how he stole a VRod Harley for only $1500 and there was nothing wrong with it. The previous owner was such a great guy. He wanted the bike to go to someone who would enjoy it. No doubt The Badgers had plans for it and the bike would become a story he could follow online.

Bikers Nite in the Garage….The Devils couldn’t make it so you are visiting with the Badgers in the Badger Den.
Big reveal of the nite. . . . the $1500 V-Rod that Sonny just purchased…The Badgers will give you an idea of what they want to do with the latest addition to Badgers Business Solutions. Hang in ’til the end and learn all about “Fluffy Cows”

Here is the YouTube video “Bought a Harley Davidson VROD for $1500” CLICK HERE

Here is the YouTube video “What is wrong with the $1500 VROD” CLICK HERE

Here is the YouTube video “VROD Reveal” CLICK HERE


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