Robb with Pursue the Ride helps John Maxwell (aka The Harley Tech) by dropping off a new work bench at his new shop in Columbus, Georgia. Robb is a motovlogger from Georgia. He creates motorcycle videos and publishes them on YouTube for others to enjoy. John Maxwell was a Harley Tech at Fort Benning Harley-Davidson, but opened his very own mechanic shop on June 1, 2020. Robb knows how difficult it is to start a business, so when his father said he had an extra work bench to donate they didn’t hesitate to drop it off.

Robb joined and wanted to pay it forward and help another biker. Thus the saying “Bikers Supporting Bikers”. Thank you Robb for being so awesome and the shout out to us The Badgers and The Biker Lifestyle.

Watch this amazing video!

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  1. Karen

    Well done Robb. What a generous and selfless gesture.