Live with Owners of Biker Bars Switchback and Legends Eureka Springs

These 2 awesome biker bars are part of the World Record Poker Run of 2021 and are hosting a Moto Meetup August 1st.

The Badgers and the Support Bikers Crew were live with the owners of Switchback Bar and T&A Legends Saloon.

Curious to know about these locations? Learn what makes each one of them awesome and unique in their own way. From bands, to food, to drinks, and more!

Join us and find out what they have got planned for all of us on August 1, 2021. –Here is the Facebook Link with all the details for Switchback –Here is the Facebook Line with all the details for Legends

Join our Facebook group Support Bikers where you have a voice!!

***Special Thanks to our Sponsors***

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