Wrecked Rider Fund“Unfortunately, we all know someone whose been in an accident or we have been in an accident ourselves.”

We are excited to introduce the Wrecked Rider Fund!  Many of you have asked how you can help.  Support Bikers, Inc is now a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that can take donations and then allocate a $200 check to cover basic current living expenses like housing or utilities.
SUPPORT BIKERS INC. will give ALL funds raised from donations, events, merch, etc directly to bikers who have had an accident  Operating costs are held to a bare minimum and there are no employees to pay.
ONE TIME DONATION: It is easy for individuals and businesses to make a one-time donation to their State or the National Fund.
MEMBERSHIP: Anyone interested in becoming a “Member” can set up a monthly donation.
  • Members are eligible for the Wrecked Rider Fund;
  • Members get free access to moto meetups and rides;
  • Members receive a free Support Bikers sticker;
  • Members receive a discount code for all Merchandise; and
  • Members get a free personalized profile photo to share on social media.
Business Sponsorships are available and are tax deductible.
APPLY NOW: We are NOW taking applications. If you know a biker who has been involved in a motorcycle accident within the last 30 days and needs money to go towards their current living expenses, please go to SUPPORTBIKERS.COM/GET-SUPPORT/  to learn about all the different resources we have available.

Ride Safe Everyone!

Sonny the Badger
Angie Momma Badger

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