THE RECAP: How to Organize Motorcycle Poker Run  From the beginning to the end we summarize what we did for the local Chamber of Commerce Poker Run September 26, 2020. We had 115 registered riders, multiple vendors and sponsors support and were able to donate $1103 to the Honor Flight Lee/Collier. The weather was a little warm but NO RAIN (beautiful words to bikers)? The Chamber was very happy with their first motorcycle event and are going to do it again next year. Here are some tips, hints, and suggestions on how to put on a successful Poker Run.

How to Organize Motorcycle Poker Runs by Momma Badger and Sonny The Badger.

Each episode outlines the steps they used to organize this Poker Run.

They talk about getting your feedback on the different poker run variations. Do you use a deck of cards? Do you you use poker chips that give you points?? Watch video here

The start of a Poker Run involves registration, handing out instructions and introducing your charity. The venue for ending a Poker Run is where you will announce the winners plus introduce you sponsors and vendors? In this video we introduce you to the beginning and end stop. Watch video here

Episode 3: THE STOPS
This video talks about picking different stops when you organize motorcycle poker runs. Making sure parking is good, location is nice, business is accommodating and the ride is FUN!? Watch video here

It’s not necessary for a Poker Run but great prizes and the energy that vendors bring, makes one heck of a motorcycle rally. Because this was a Chamber of Commerce event, Angie and Sonny decided to involve and promote local businesses. See what they did!? Watch video here

Episode 5: THE CHARITY
This event showcases Lee Collier County Honor Flight. What will your event benefit? Typically, there is a reason to ride. Let everyone know why you are putting this event on? Watch video here

Episode 6: THE RIDERS
How to get motorcycle riders to your poker run. In this video we give you 7 different ways to make it happen. Watch video here

Episode 7 – THE DAY!
Run the route of the Poker Run with The Badgers Crew.? Excited for participants to see this video. Great turnout! One of us even won a prize at the end. Watch video here

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