To wear a helmet or not to wear a helmet?

It is your choice as a rider. Wearing a high-quality helmet is one of the best ways to protect you from serious injuries when you ride on your motorcycle in South Carolina. However, if your helmet is defective, it may afford you little
protection and potentially cause additional injuries.This is always the counter argument to
helmet use.
A study completed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found that 41% of
DOT-approved helmets had defects that caused performance failures. If you have suffered
severe injuries because of a defective helmet during a motorcycle accident in South Carolina,
The Lovely Law Firm Injury Lawyers can help you to pursue a claim against the helmet’s
When you wear a helmet, it reduces your risk of suffering traumatic brain injuries and serious
head injuries. However, if the helmet does not work properly, it may not prevent you from
suffering these types of serious injuries. Our office can go after the manufacturer, designer, and
others involved in offering the defective helmet for sale on the market. Helmets must meet
specific safety standards. When a helmet fails during a crash, you may have no protection from
severe injuries to your brain, head, and face.

Single Motorcycle Collisions
Many families of bikers give up when they hear of a single motorcycle wreck. Too often the
wreck is attributed to biker error. What if the cause of the death was the helmet? A faulty
helmet that did not protect the rider may be to blame for serious head injuries or deaths. This
casucausee is simply overlooked because bikers are not aware! The DOT sticker really means
nothing. Search for your helmet here – Helmet Testing Database

Defective product helmet liability claims
Even if your helmet is not defective, you can still suffer head and brain injuries while you are
wearing a helmet in an accident in South Carolina. This can make it more difficult to pursue a
product liability lawsuit. However, the experienced team at The Lovely Law Firm understands
how to investigate these types of cases to determine whether your injuries resulted from a
defect in your helmet. If your helmet has been recalled, proving your case may be easier.
When we investigate your case, we will begin by determining whether your helmet was
uncertified or if it met safety standards. We will need to show the following things to prevail in
your helmet product liability claim:
● There was a design or manufacturing defect.
● Your helmet included improper labels or inadequate warnings.
● You used your helmet as the manufacturer intended.
● You suffered injuries because of the helmet’s defect.

Once we have determined liability, we can then file a lawsuit against all of the parties involved in
the chain of production and distribution on your behalf. Since we can handle your claim for you,
you can work on recovering from your injuries without worrying about dealing with the insurance
companies. Please Remember to PRESERVE the helmet!

Damages in a helmet product liability case in South Carolina
Injuries in a motorcycle accident that are caused by defective helmets can cause permanent
disabilities, including traumatic brain injuries, disfiguring facial injuries, paralysis, and spinal cord
injuries. These types of severe injuries may cause you to have ongoing medical expenses for

Depending on your injuries, we might be able to help you recover the following types of
● Past and future medical bills
● Past and future physical therapy and rehabilitation expenses
● Past and future income losses
● Prosthetic devices
● Final expenses in a wrongful death case
● Pain and suffering
● Mental anguish
● Disfigurement
● Reduction in the quality of your life
● Loss of consortium or guidance for spouses and children

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