Starting Spot Announced for World Record Poker Run!!!

Twisted Fork Sponsors the Bert’s Black Widow HD Start for World Record Poker Run located in Port Charlotte, Florida

Hundreds of registrants are expected to sign up to break the Guinness Book of World Record Longest Poker Run. Finding the location that motorcyclists from all over the United States and out of country would want to have as the staring point for this epic event was key.

When Bert Parsley, the owner of Twisted Fork, heard about the World Record Poker Run, he immediately said “We are part of this, right?” He is super excited to be a part of this event and that makes us even more excited. says Angie, Momma Badger with The Badgers and The Biker Lifestyle. His restaurant is located right on the same property as Bert’s Black Widow Harley Davidson. This is the ideal location for this event. It was no surprise that many voted for it and the majority of the Support Bikers Crew did too.

Watch this video as The Badgers take you on a motorcycle road trip to the Twisted Fork (the kick-off party location) and Bert’s Black Widow Harley Davidson!

They talk about World Record Poker Run 2021 and you get to take a tour of the starting point facility. 

Stay tuned for another YouTube video where they will introduce you to who you need to talk to at Bert’s Black Widow for shipping your bike and for servicing your motorcycle.

For more information, pre-register now and get the most current updates:

Official Website:

Facebook Event:…   

(Register early! We do not have a cap on the number of riders but that could change)

Thank you to our Sponsors for this event
Sunshine State Biker Lawyer
The Badgers and the Biker Lifestyle
Bert’s Black Widow H-D
Maxwell’s Motorcycles
Switchback Bar
Legends Saloon

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