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July 16-22, 2023


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A passport run is a point-to-point journey with a set number of stops and suggested sightseeing opportunities. You receive a passport book where you can collect a stamp at each of the designated stops.

#1 – Distance: We will travel from somewhere around Pontaic, IL and end somewhere around Victorville, CA following the historic Route 66 for approx. 1,954 miles. Exact locations will be given to registered riders.

#2 – Number of Riders: We have set a limit of 150 riders.

Is this a Group Ride?

No, this is not a group ride. You will have a start point and an end destination each day. It is up to you how long you take to travel between point A and point B, what stops you make etc.


How many days/nights will the run take?

A kickoff party and the first passport stamp will be on the evening of July 16th. It is 6 nights and 6 days of riding with the wrap-up party the evening of July 22nd. .

Where is the starting point?

City for the Kickoff Party Venue will be announced.

Where is the end point?

City for the Wrap-up Party Venue will be announced.

Do we have to use an app to track mileage?

No. It is not a requirement but it is up to you if you want to keep a log of your journey.


An alumni is a rider who was REGISTERED AND PAID for the WORLD RECORD POKER RUN 2021 plus their family and friends.   (NOTE: the rider did not need to complete WORLD RECORD POKER RUN)

Alumni Registration is open: 15-31 December 2022

When is General Registration?

Early Registration: 1 January 2023 – 31 March 2023. Late Registration: April 1, 2023 to May 14, 2023

Is late registration accepted?

Currently there is 150 rider limit. Late registration is ONLY possible if we do not reach that limit. So be sure to register early.

If a rider cannot go after registering, will the monies be refunded?

All riders who registered by 11:59pm on March 31, 2023, may request a refund. Refund of the registration fee must be submitted by May 15, 2023. Monies and registrations are not transferrable to another rider.

Requests will be handled on a case by case basis by the Support Bikers Crew and all decisions are final. After May 15, 2023, your registration fee will be considered a donation to the charity.

For all riders who register after March 31, 2023, monies will NOT be refunded. The money will go to  the charity. 


How do we book hotels? Are there hotel dicounts?

Details for hotel/motel/campground names, addresses, phone numbers, discounts and codes if needed will be provided after March 1, 2023 to riders who have registered and paid.

You are responsible for making your reservations and payment.

All information is a courtesy and you are not required to stay at any location and/or city we have on the lodging page.

Can we camp?

YES, we understand there are quite a few camping options along the route. We will provide a few of them after March 1, 2023. Note, we are not providing this information for each state.

Please feel free to camp but you are responsible for reservations and any fees.

Are registered riders guaranteed a hotel room?

No. Hotel rooms will be on a first come, first served basis. Once all rooms are booked, it will be your responsibility to find accommodations at each stop along the route.

What distance is the ride?

The total is approx 1954 miles.

Each riding day is mapped out to be between 300-350 miles at this time. Until the lodging options have been made, this may vary. 

Can I ride longer than the alloted daily milage? Can I get my passport stamp and keep going?

Yes. You can travel as far as you like and stop wherever you choose. Passport Stamping will be available at designated venues within a time frame but you are not required to have your passport stamped.

This is an independent ride with suggested sightseeing and historic stops along Route 66.

Will there be any support vehicles?

Yes, a couple, but don’t count on them as they will not be behind all the riders. Details coming soon.

What about fuel stops?

This is not a group ride. You are welcome to stop for fuel as needed. There are no stops preset for fuel.

Will there be moto meetups at each stop?

Moto Meetups are the stops we will make along the route.

During a stop you can meetup with friends in the area and local bikers.

Depending on the location, our hosts/cities may plan to have various entertainment, vendors, food and drinks.

Can friends and family join along the way?

Yes, this is an independ ride. Anyone can join us along the route but they will not be eligible for the perks given to a registered rider.

What charity are we donating to?

We have some exciting news about the charity. It will be announced in 2023.

What if I miss my passport stamp?

Passort stamping is not required but we will have times we can stamp your passport.

How can I become a Sponsor?

 5 Ways to Sponsor Route 66 Passport Run

“The Mother Road” – 1 Sponsorship left

Sponsor a Veteran:  all expenses paid for a veteran to go on the ride.

Logo on the Trailer: We will add your logo to the chase trailer.

Passport Book: Advertise your business in the Passport.

Donation: Donate to our swag bags and give-aways

Please CLICK HERE for details on these great sponsorship packages and how you can help!

Where do we get Route 66 Passport Run merchandise?

OFFICIAL Route 66 Passport Memorabilia including the Passport Booklet will only be available to registered riders. Late registered riders are not guaranteed anything but the official passport book

MISC. Merchandise including t-shirts and one-offs for Route 66 Passport Run is avialable on this page

Money raised selling these items will go directly to the charity.

LASTLY AND MOST IMPORTANTLY: Will there be tank tops for the ladies?

Yes, Yes Yes, if Momma Badger gets her way!

Tank tops are available at


ROUTE 66 "Mother Road" Sponsor

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