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Record Poker Run of 2021

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July 30, 2021 – August 6, 2021

Starts in Florida Ends at Sturgis Buffalo Chip









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Registration Ended May 31, 2021

We are happy you are going to join us on the ride from Florida to Sturgis. The “Support Bikers Crew” has worked hard to create this epic journey. Please check the website,, and for information regarding the ride as it unfolds. A big thank you to the many bikers who have given us their ideas and suggestions. We look forward to meeting each of you, hearing your stories and of course “riding with you”.

To respect the registered riders, “late registered riders” after May 31, 2021 WILL NOT receive the $175 Rider Registration Price, Official Rider Merchandise, Special Accommodations, Special Prizes, free Roadside Assistance, and absolutely no refunds will be issued. 

Below are the requirements for the ride, please read carefully. You will be prompted to pay by credit card. You are not officially registered until we receive payment in full.



  1. THIS IS NOT A GROUP RIDE. This is a Poker Run and you are free to ride with friends or alone.
  2. There will NOT be Road Captains or Leaders. 
  3. Everyone will receive a “Route Map”. You are only REQUIRED TO BE AT EACH “CARD PULL STOP” IN THE DESIGNATED TIME WINDOW.
  4. You are NOT required to stay at each “overnight stop” or use the surrounding “card pull” location lodging. CAUTION: If you deviate from the route you must meet or exceed the MILEAGE requirement that is set for the Guinness World Record. You WILL be disqualified and NOT receive recognition for setting the record if your mileage does not meet the required mileage.
  5. Only “Motorcycles” can be part of the world record.
  6. Riders who registered on or before May 31, 2021, may request for a refund of the registration fee and must submit request by June 30, 2021 The money will be given to the charity Requests will be handled on a case by case basis by the Support Bikers Crew and all decisions are final. After that date, your registration fee will be considered a donation to
  7. All accommodations, food, misc. expenses including medical and repairs are the sole responsibility of the “Official Rider”
  8. Excess mileage obtained by i.e. sightseeing opportunities will not be used in the final mileage count.


  1. Any player starting the Poker Run must complete the run. No substitutes are permitted. Any registered rider leaving the Poker Run early or joining along the route is not considered an “Official Rider” and will not be counted as participant of the World Record.
  2. A GPS data app will be designed for each Official Rider.
  3. Participants must draw a card at the beginning STOP, before setting off to the second card pull. This is where the distance measurement begins.
  4. All participants must “Pull a Card” at each checkpoint between the starting time and ending time set for each stop. We will give a 15 min warning but will not accept any cards pulled after the designated ending time. The card pull window of time will depend on the number of participants and you will receive that information in the “Official Rider” packet.
  5. Officials present at every checkpoint must mark or sign in the scoring card and record the poker card drawn by each participant at that point.
  6. Each card pull will have a marking method that it is clearly identifiable for that stop.
  7. There will be methods of tracking card pulls and mileage. Each participant will be responsible for their scoring card to be presented at the end. This is considered by Guinness as one form of verification. If there is a discrepancy between the “stop record” and the card presented at the end, the result is an automatic disqualification
  8. A winner will be determined by the best five-card poker hand at the end of the route. In case of a tie there will be another “Card Pull”. The rider with the highest card wins.
  9. Entrants must not acquire extra cards or extra hands to improve their chances of winning.
  10. While driving on any open public roads, all local traffic laws must be followed. If any participant breaks a traffic law during the ride, they will be disqualified.


OPENED March 1st and Closed May 31, 2021
LATE REGISTERATION began June 1st and ends day of the event

All registration is online and requires a working email.  We have not put a cap on the number of participants but that may change. PLEASE REGISTER EARLY 

ONE RIDER = $275.00.

Please fill out the registration form completely and you will be prompted to pay by credit card. Your registration is not complete until we receive your payment in full.

RIDER & PASSENGER = $300.00.

Please fill out the registration form completely and you will be prompted to pay by credit card. Your registration is not complete until we receive your payment in full.

Registered Riders completed the World Record Poker Run on August 6th 2021 - CONGRATULATIONS


145 - Gehrig, Shelly - Hay Springs, Nebraska

143 - Kyle Norman - Orange Park, Florida

142 - Brad Berry, Fort Worth, Texas

141 - Chris Berry, Warrensburg, Missouri

140 - Jessica Shaw - Ashland, Ohio

139 - Brandon Shaw - Ashland, Ohio

137 - James Giachetti - Colonia, New Jersey

136 - Crystal Withrow - Scott Depot, West Virginia

133 - Sergio Maynez - Peyton, Colorado

131 - Roger Gray - Harrison, Arkansas

129 - Greg Campbell - New Market, Alabama

127 - Rachel Mordue - Peoria, Illinois

126 - Ray Mordue - Peoria, Illinois

125 - William Hudson - Columbus, Mississippi

124 - John Price - Salem, Alabama

122 - Alan Duburg - Englewood, Florida

121 - Flip Na - Tampa, Florida

118 - Joy Martinez - North Port, Florida

117 - Scott Martinez - North Port, Florida

116 - Suzie Boland - Punta Gorda, Florida

115 - Kenneth Meers - Pooler, Georgia

114 - Barrett Brown - Elkmont, Alabama

112 - Jason Roberts - Kennett, Missouri

111 - Darryl Turmel - Zephyrhills, Florida

108 - Helio Avelar - North Fort Myers, Florida

107 - Fiona O'Rourke - Largo, Florida

105 - Austin Littleton - Orange City, Florida

104 - John Hoeft - Zephyrhills, Florida

102 - Mack Bosarge - Shiloh, Ohio

101 - Chery Burrage - Bradenton, Florida

98 - Tim Butler - Fort Myers, Florida

95 - Josh Woolverton - Bolivar, Missouri

93 - "Frenchie" Laine - Punta Gorda, Florida

92 - Julio Miranda - Punta Gorda, Florida

91 - Peter Brisette - Apollo Beach, Florida

90 - RJ Doerrfeld - North Port, Florida

89 - Randy Wells - North Port, Florida

88 - Doug Voss - Union, Missouri

87 - Bill Werner - West Seneca, New York (Nominated Veteran Winner)

86 - Glen Spargo - Walnut Ridge, Arkansas

85 - Stephen Bleckman - Leslie, Missouri

84 - Daniel Loyd - Hermann, Missouri

83 - Hector Munoz - North Port, Florida

82 - Michelle Woullard - Eagle, Nebraska

81 - Rick Nichols - Port Orange, Florida

80 - Judi Hicks - Pekin, Illinois

79 - Herschel Hicks - Pekin, Illinois

78 - Larry Wilcox - Shreve, Ohio

74 -  Nominated Veteran - Ranjit Soodan, Orient, Ohio - Sponsored by Maxwell's Motorcycles

73 - Nominated Veteran - Jessica Moore, Lehigh Acres, Florida - Sponsored by Sunshine State Biker Lawyer

72 - Nominated Veteran - Alex Rodriguez, Lehigh Acres, Florida - Sponsored by Sunshine State Biker Lawyer

71 - Jessica Maddix - Mason, Michigan

70 - James Maddix - Mason, Michigan

69 - Michael Rivera - Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania

68 - Holly Rivera - Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania

67 - Julio Beauchamp - Cape Coral, Florida

66 - Jeff Comer - Montrose, Alabama

65 - Nominated Veteran - Keith Hibbert - Collinsville, Oklahoma

64 - Brian McNeff - Brule, Nebraska

63 - Todd Shaner - Eagle, Nebraska

62 - Danny Stefka - Alliance, Nebraska

61 - Angela Adams - Hardin, Illinois

60 - Jerold Moss - Hardin, Illinois

59 - Lisa Smith - Bradenton, Florida

58 - Bill Smith - Bradenton, Florida

56 - Rick Powell - Port Charlotte, Florida

53 - Mike Moore - Auburndale, Florida

52- Tracy Coleman - Imperial Nebraska

51 - Dwight Coleman - Imperial Nebraska

50 - Howard Howland - Malver, Iowa

49 - Carl Cook - Kaiser, Missouri

48 - Mihaly Polczer - Hoboken, Georgia

47 - Dale Bishop - Nashua, New Hampshire

46 - Nancy Dickman - Venice, Florida

45 - Fred Webb, Cedar Hill, Missouri

44 - Brittany Douglas, St. Louis, Missouri

43 -Louis Sabo, Coupland, Texas

42- Mike Bodine, Marshfield, Missouri

41- Andrew Cunningham, Scott Depot, West Virginia

40- Jason Speck Imperial, Nebraska

39- Michelle Wishart, Placerville, California

38- Amy Kavan Eagle, Nebraksa

37- Brad Dinnel Wauneta, Nebraska

36- Michelle Shyne - Allendale, Michigan

34- Brent Bussell - Imperial, Nebraska

33- Stacey Clemons - Arcadia, Florida

32- Richard Perez - Arcadia, Florida

28- Mica Neal I - Seffnet, Florida

27- Andrew Boyum Eureka Springs, Arkansas

26- Joe Kniffin - St. Petersburg, Florida

25- Eric Ferguson - Mt. Vernon, Missouri

24- Raedene Shunk - Sumner, Michigan

23- Ken Shunk - Sumner, Michigan

22- Sheila Smith - Bradenton, Florida

21- Randy Overton - Walton, Kentucky

20- Scott Salmon - Wakefield, Nebraska

19- Raymond Pelletier - Dohan, Alabama

18- James Summers - East Palatka, Florida

17- Larry Buckner - Seymour, Missouri

16- Buck Champ - McGehee, Arkansas

15- Kris Shyne - Allendale, Michigan

14- Steven Corry - Austin, Kentucky

13- Stephanie Thompson - Harrison, Arkansas

12- TJ Thompson - Harrison, Arkansas

11- Doug Grindstaff - Elkview, West Virginia

10- Kylie Northen - Elizabethtown, Kentucky

9- Toby Northen - Elizabethtown, Kentucky

8- Brenda Woolverton - Bolivar, Missouri

7- Dan Woolverton - Bolivar, Missouri

6- Tim Huffman - Clendenin, West Virginia

5- Amanda Huffman - Clendenin, West Virginia

4- Mike Rizzo - Forked River, New Jersey

3- Dezaray Gartin - Port Charlotte, Florida

2- Angie Gartin - Port Charlotte, Florida

1- Sonny Gartin - Port Charlotte, Florida


Event Historian/Chronologist- Karen Leyden Galvin - Ireland

Support Vehicle/Trailer/Rescuer - Gene Bojko - Cape Coral, Florida

Assistant Badger and everyone's Granny-ma - Debby Bojko - Cape Coral, Florida

Sponsor- Carmen Dellutri - Fort Myers, Florida

Sponsor- Marjorie Dellutri, Fort Myers, Florida

Chaser/Helper- Janett Corry - Austin, Kentucky

Chaser- TBAC #1 - Tampa Bay Area, Florida

Chaser- TBAC #2 - Tampa Bay Area, Florida

Chaser- Andy Wishart - Placerville, California

Our Card Pull Expert/Helper- Joanna Werner - Upper Lancaster, New York (with her assistants, Nevaeh (Nerdy Badger) and Lacy)








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