Get Support

for a motorcycle accident.


I bet you have a ton of questions and need to raise money after the accident.

Amy on our team sure did after her 17 year old son was hit on his Harley Davidson motorcycle in 2022. She was happy to have us by her side the entire time. Now she is here to help you.


Badger Nation (bikers like you) are here to support you emotionally, physically, and financially.

We also help you get free legal advice directly with an attorney to talk about the motorcycle accident. Because our reputation matters, we will only recommend one we know, like and trust in your area.

Set your appointment today with one of the Support Bikers Crew.


How it works!

Founders, Sonny “The Badger” and Angie “Momma Badger” from the Facebook Page The Badgers and The Biker Lifestyle knew they couldn’t do it alone. So they put together this website, created Badger Nation,  The Support Bikers Crew, and Badger Nation Sponsors.  Badger Nation is bikers like you, who volunteer to give support to other bikers. The Support Bikers Crew are bikers who stepped up to go above and beyond. Badger Nation Sponsors allow us make all this happen. You too can be part of Badger Nation and support the biker community by signing up right here on the website. Get on the map and sign up for how you would like to volunteer. Click – Get On The Map