Motorcycle World
Record Poker Run of 2021

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July 30, 2021 – August 6, 2021

Starts in Florida Ends at Sturgis Buffalo Chip









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What is the World Record Poker Run 2021?

This Poker Run is like any normal motorcycle poker run. The rider will “pull” five cards to make a full hand in hopes to have the “highest” poker hand and WIN. Each card is drawn at a different stop.

BUT this Poker Run is different because we will be setting a GUINNESS WORLD RECORD in two ways.

#1 – Distance: We will travel over 3,200 miles from Southwest Florida to Sturgis, South Dakota from July 30th to August 6th. Each “card pull” will be in a different state.

#2 – Number of Riders: We would like to invite as many riders as possible to set this record. It will be a “once in a life time” ride. Come join us.

How many days and nights will we be on the road?

Technically 8 days 7 nights. The ride starts the morning of Friday, July 30th with the first card pull and ends Friday, August 6th in Sturgis with the last card pull. The Kickoff Party is Thursday evening July 29th, where everyone is invited but attendance is optional.


How many miles is the ride?

Approx. 3200+

The exact mileage will depend on the route which could be altered before or during the trip.

See the ROUTE and Details

Where is the World Record Poker Run starting?

Bert’s Black Widow Harley Davidson
2224 El Jobean Rd.
Port Charlotte, Florida

Click for location on a map

What is the cost?

Registration by May 31, 2021 $175.00 per rider/bike, $25.00 for passenger

LATE Registration June 1, 2021 $275 per rider/bike, $25.00 for passenger with no refunds and not the same benefits as early registration.

Will this Poker Run be bike specific?


What is a Moto Meetup?

Moto Meetups are the stops we will make along the route.

During a stop you can meetup with friends in the area and local bikers. 

Depending on the location, our hosts/cities may plan to have various entertainment, vendors, food and drinks. In the case of Eureka Springs, AR, we have two bars that will act as hosts: one card pull and one after party. 

Two Types of Moto Meetups
#1 Card Pull: These stops are mandatory for every Official Rider to attend during the designated time window but are not required to stay after their card is pulled and recorded.

#2 Meet & Greets: These stops are optional and you are not required to attend.


Do you have to make the full ride to be part of the World Record?


Official Riders will be tracked multiple ways including GPS.

Is there a limit to number of participants?

Currently there is no limit. This does not mean we will not make a limit. So be sure to register early.

Will there be Road Captains?

This is a poker run NOT a group ride. You are free to ride with friends or alone.

How many hours of riding a day is scheduled on the route?

Your day will be however long it takes for you to ride from Point A to Point B along the route.

Please see the Route Page for approx. mileage details for each day.

Just remember the “card pull” area at a stop is only open for a specific window of time. You have to pull a card and have it recorded before the “card pull” area closes. All this information will be included in the Official Riders packet.

After we get our card pulled and recorded at a stop, can we head to the next stop?

Yes, you can travel at your own pace just as long as you are at each poker “card pull” stop at specified times. 

Overnight stops/cities are suggestions only. We will have lodging options with discounts but you are not required to use them. For example you may have family or friends in a specific area and want to stay with them. There are no restrictions EXCEPT to qualify for the World Record you must pull a card during the specified times and you must complete the route and mileage requirements. There will be no exceptions to this.

Will there be any support vehicles?

Yes, a couple, but don’t count on them as they will not be behind all the riders. Each rider will have complimentary roadside assistance provided. 

Will there be information about transporting bikes?

Haul Bikes has offered a discount but only if you use the link we provide. Visit this website page for details

This page will have names, addresses, phone numbers, discounts and codes if needed. You are responsible for making arrangements to have your bike shipped.

PLEASE NOTE:  Black Widow H-D, Port Charlotte, the first stop has offered to store bikes for a SHORT time BUT special arrangements have to made with them. SupportBikers will not be responsible for any shipping. Call 941-883-8000 and ask for Gunner. TELL THEM YOU ARE WITH THE WORLD RECORD POKER RUN.

My bike will need to be serviced before the ride. Where do I go?

This page will have names, addresses, phone numbers, to make an appointment. You are responsible for making your appointment and payment.

All information is a courtesy and you are not required to use the businesses on this page.

PLEASE NOTE:  Black Widow H-D, Port Charlotte, the first stop has offered to service bikes  BUT appointments have to made with them and will be on a first come first serve basis. SupportBikers will not be responsible for any service/work on your bike. Call 941-883-8000 and ask for Aaron, Maryanne or Meg. TELL THEM YOU ARE WITH THE WORLD RECORD POKER RUN.


What about fuel stops?

This is not a group ride. You are welcome to stop for fuel as needed. There are no stops preset for fuel.

Where can I find lodging details? Can we camp along the route?

This page will have hotel/motel/campground names, addresses, phone numbers, discounts and codes if needed. You are responsible for making your reservations and payment.

All information is a courtesy and you are not required to stay at any location and/or city we have on the lodging page.

Will there be dog friendly hotels/motels?
We did not look for any specific requirements i.e. pets, handicapped, meals, special needs, etc.

You are free to contact any of the suggested hotels/motels on the list and inquire about the amenities for their facility. 

Will there be discounts on lodging accommodations?

YES, visit

The lodging information regarding availability is NOT guaranteed. Rooms are on a first come first serve basis. Any price negotiations will be between the hotel/motel/campground booking agent and yourself.

Any hotel/motel/campground on the list has given us at a minimum, a verbal agreement. If they do not honor the price/discount/code we give you, you are free to seek other lodging.

We would appreciate learning about any problem you may have. Email:

Will hotel info for the night of the kickoff party be available?

Yes, we will have information about overnight accommodations in the Port Charlotte, FL area here

If you are traveling to attend the kickoff party ONLY please check the website often for announcements regarding the event.

What charity are we donating to?


The Support Bikers Crew looked hard for a charity that best reflected their mission of Bikers Supporting Bikers.

Anything planned for Sturgis?

Everyone is invited. There will be a “Party after the Run” where we join “Bells Rides” for her 2nd Annual Blue Ride to honor Police Officer Tara O’Sullivan. It will be on August 8th and you can find all the details on the website. Please check the website often for announcements regarding the event. Click here to get tickets.

How can I become a Sponsor?

 3 Ways to Sponsor the World Record Poker Run

Royal Flush: 1 Sponsorship left

Four of a Kind: 4 Sponsorships available

Full House: Unlimited Sponsorships available

Please CLICK HERE for details on these great sponsorship packages and how you can help!

Where do we get World Record Poker Run merchandise?

OFFICIAL World Record Poker Run Memorabilia will only be available to registered riders including some OFFICIAL items presented only when the rider has been verified.

MISC. Merchandise including t-shirts and one-offs for is avialable on this page
Money raised selling these items will go directly to the charity 

Can we get posters/post cards/advertising?

Yes, we will have marketing materials available. Please let us know you are interested in receiving them.


If a rider cannot go after registering, will the monies be refunded?

For all riders who registered by  11:59pm on May 31, 2021, may request for a refund. Refund of the registration fee must be submitted by June 30, 2021. Requests will be handled on a case by case basis by the Support Bikers Crew and all decisions are final. After that date, your registration fee will be considered a donation to

For all riders who registered June 1, 2021 and later, there will be no refunds. The money will go to 

LASTLY AND MOST IMPORTANTLY: Will there be tank tops for the ladies?

Yes, Yes Yes, if Momma Badger gets her way!

Tank tops are available at