The Badgers are proud to intro you to Don Frank, founder of F4 Customs Motorcycle Windshields. Home of the ?Motorcycle Windshield Specialist? and the infamous ?Steel Wool Test.?

“We are thrilled a major USA manufacturer of motorcycle windshields has moved to our area” commented Momma Badger. She has been able to personally welcome them to Southwest Florida and start introducing them to the “Badger Nation” on Facebook and Youtube.

Don and his wife Kim have had a big year. With the decision to move to Florida full time, came the monumental task of moving a highly successful business that was established in March of 2005 and finding a new place to live. Now that the building is finished and their lives have settled a little, they have already joined in the local biker community by donating and attending a charity POKER RUN put on by the Cape Coral Chamber of Commerce.

F4 Customs’ mission is to “Treat others as we like to be treated and continue building F4’s reputation as the industry leader in quality, performance, innovation, craftsmanship and customer service.” The company has been offering the best aftermarket windshield for your motorcycle, for over 14 years. With windshields for HD, Honda, Yamaha, Slingshot, and Spyder. F4 windshields are: highly scratch resistant, shed rain, and easy to clean!

Don attributes their success to the help and support of their friends and family along with providing the best possible customer service. The Badgers send a big shout out to their new friends, clients, and fellow bikers – “Welcome to the Badgers Den”.

Visit their website F4Customs.comF4 Customs

See more videos from F4 Customs on their YOUTUBE Channel?


Contact Info:
3849 Acline Rd Unit #109, Punta Gorda,?FL?33950 Listing F4CustomsAre you on the MAP?


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