The Fort Myers Networking Ninjas debuted their new “Ninja” T-Shirts at Annual Badger Bash at Perk & Brew on October 30, 2018

Badger Bash II - Be Vocal Shop Local
Ninjas Logo on the front
Badger Bash II - Be Vocal Shop Local
Industry on the back

Each shirt has a? “Category” FUN name on the back.

“Why be boring!” says T Clark, a recruiter for the Networking Ninjas.

“These fun names give people a reason to talk to us.” says Augustina Holtz, educational trainer for the Networking Ninjas,

The Networking Ninjas want to be your go to for any type of referral needed personally and/or professionally.

All Master Networks meetings are one hour, high energy meetings and the Networking Ninjas do just that.
Meeting every Wednesday from 12pm-1pm at the Edison Restaurant located on McGregor in Fort Myers, Florida. All invited. Free to attend.

Each month they hold an after hours social spotlighting a member’s business. This was their October social provided by their President, Angie (Momma Badger) with Badgers Business Solutions.

The Annual Badger Bash put on by Badgers Business Solutions was to introduce their customers to one another and introduce them to all their friends and referral partners. Connecting businesses is what the Badgers are good at.

This was an excellent venue for the Networking Ninjas to attend! Go Ninjas Go!

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